Spark may be configured to calculate and apply European Union VAT tax to subscriptions.

Price Settings

When creating prices in Stripe, you should disable the "Include tax in price" option so the proper tax rates can be added by Spark.

To get started, you should uncomment the Features::euVatCollection() line within your application's config/spark.php configuration file. The value provided for the home-country option should be the two-character country code corresponding to the country where your business is located:

use Spark\Features;

'features' => [
    Features::euVatCollection(['home-country' => 'BE']),

Once you have completed these steps, Spark will automatically gather customer billing address information as well as VAT Number and apply the correct VAT based on the customer's location.

Stripe Tax

Spark does not currently support Stripe Tax. You should disable Stripe Tax via your Stripe dashboard when using Spark.