Cashier dispatches several events that you may intercept and handle based on your application's needs. We will describe each of these events below.


This event is dispatched when a subscription is created with a status of trialing or active.


This event is dispatched when a subscription is changed. Possible changes include plan changes, quantity changes, pausing a subscription, or resuming a subscription.


This event is dispatched when a subscription expires. This happens when a paused or canceled subscription is no longer within its cancelation "grace period".

Grace Periods

When a subscription is canceled, Cashier will automatically set the subscription's ends_at column in your database. This column is used to know when the billable's subscribed method should begin returning false. For example, if a customer cancels a subscription on March 1st, but the subscription was not scheduled to end until March 5th, the subscribed method will continue to return true until March 5th. This is done because a user is typically allowed to continue using an application until the end of their billing cycle.