# Upgrade

# Upgrading to Spark-Stripe v1.0.5

# Updating The Configuration File

Spark-Stripe v1.0.5 introduces a new format for enabling features in the configuration file. To use the new format, add the following lines to your config/spark.php configuration file:

use Spark\Features;

'features' => [
    // Features::euVatCollection(['home-country' => 'BE']),
    // Features::receiptEmails(['custom-addresses' => true]),

Next, uncomment the features you want to use in your application and remove the old corresponding configuration keys:

  • collects_eu_vat
  • sends_receipt_emails
  • sends_payment_notification_emails

# Collecting Billing Email Addresses

Spark-Stripe v1.0.5 introduces the ability to email receipts to a custom billing address that the customer provides. This is typically used to email receipts directly to an accountant.

To support this feature, you need to create a new migration in your application and add the following schema modification in the migration's up() method:

public function up()
    if (! Schema::hasColumn('users', 'receipt_emails')) {
        Schema::table('users', function (Blueprint $table) {

Make sure to run the migration against the table that corresponds to your billable model.

To enable the feature, uncomment the Features::receiptEmails() line in your config/spark.php configuration file:

'features' => [
    // Features::euVatCollection(['home-country' => 'BE']),
    Features::receiptEmails(['custom-addresses' => true]),